Check out these videos that are included in the optional Jingle Jam Media & Graphics Package!

Available to purchase for only $99.

To see everything included in the Jingle Jam Media & Graphics Package, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Purchase the Jingle Jam Media & Graphics Package

Available to purchase for only $99!

Make your Jingle Jam even merrier with MORE graphics, MORE marketing pieces, MORE video elements, MORE of everything!

Check out the additional materials in addition to the videos shown above that come with the optional Media & Graphics Package!

  • Video Elements
    • The Christmas Story Video
    • Two Themed Transition Videos
    • Two Themed Countdown Videos
    • “Jingle Box” – A Crowd Participation Game
  • Music Files (Theme Song + An Additional Song)
    • Full Mixes
    • Performance Tracks – BGVs & Instrumentals
    • Dance Instructional Videos
    • Live Lyric Videos
    • Lyric Sheets
    • Chord Charts
  • Logo Files
    • Jingle Jam Logo – B&W and Color
    • Unboxed Logo – B&W and Color
    • Combo Logo – B&W and Color
    • Supporting Graphic Files
    • T-Shirt Artwork
  • Marketing Materials
    • Printable Bulletin Insert
    • Printable Event Banner (24″x36″)
    • Printable Event Poster – Standard (11″x17″)
    • Printable Event Poster – Customizable (11″x17″)
    • Website Banner Images
    • Digital Ad Images – 4 Sizes
    • Email Header Image
    • Letterhead
    • PDF Template
    • Facebook Event, Cover and Group Banner Images
    • Twitter Banner Images
    • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post Images
  • Volunteer Resources
    • Volunteer Training Meeting Notes
    • Volunteer Appreciation Ideas
    • Printable Thank You Postcard File